Fish and Salad Platters

  • nova scotia salmon15.59
  • smoked grand whitefish14.59
  • chopped liver10.99
  • chicken salad11.99
  • egg salad8.99
  • tunafish salad11.99
  • shrimp salad12.99
  • whitefish salad12.99
  • baked salmon salad13.99
  • garden fresh tossed salad5.99
  • chef’s salad10.99
  • chunk baked salmon platter14.99
  • tossed salad with shrimp salad12.99
  • tossed salad with fried chicken fingers10.99
  • tossed salad with turkey and bacon10.99
  • oriental chicken salad on fields of green11.49

(Fish Platters served with Lettuce, Tomato,Cole Slaw, Potato Salad and Garnish)

All items and prices are subject to change